In Nursery our teachers are:

Mrs Whelehan

Our Teaching Assistants are:

Miss Tran and Miss Woodruff


EYFS Curriculum Meeting 2023

Below you will find links to Webpages that can help with Phonics.


Our Class Saint is…

St Nicholas

He was a Bishop from Turkey and he was a really kind man. Once, he secretly threw bags of gold into a poor man’s house. This is why children still wait for St Nicholas’ secret gifts today at Christmas time.

Our Class artist is…

Jackson Pollock

He is famous for making splashy, drippy, messy paintings.

This photograph shows Jackson Pollock at work…just look at the mess he is making on the floor!

He dripped paint onto large canvases on the floor. This way of painting was called action painting because Pollock would move very quickly across the painting, dribbling the paint in long, wobbly lines. Sometimes he threw the paint onto the canvas – and some of his paintings still have footprints on them from when he stepped in the paint.

Our Class Author is…

Eric Carle

He’s most famous for his book, The Hungry Caterpillar. Have you read any of his books?