At St Bernadette’s, we strive for a Geography curriculum that inspires our children to be curious and passionate geographers. We encourage children to explore and ask questions about the people and world around them, to develop their knowledge and understanding of human and physical features, alongside learning new skills. We believe that making these connections empowers our children to recognise world-wide challenges and appreciate their role in ensuring a sustainable future.

Our children begin learning about Geography in early years and content is carefully designed, to be engaging, accessible and inclusive. Each key stage builds on previous skills and knowledge to ensure progress, as children journey through the school and develop a love for geography.

We make connections through a topic based, cross-curricular approach and look for opportunities to take learning outside, allowing children to travel the world from their classroom and get practical real-life experiences. Children are made aware of Geography as a discrete subject to help them understand what it is, and the skills they are learning. We deepen knowledge by linking and revisiting areas of learning across topics, so that children will remember more, know more, and understand more.