At St Bernadette’s, we really care about pupil voice and valuing the contributions that our students make.

So far our councillors have helped to make decisions about the Golden Values, their behaviour policy and equipment needed for the school yard, amongst many other things!

The school council is over-seen and supported by Mrs Whelehan, but led by the children themselves.

We have regular meetings, in which school councillors discuss exciting changes and developments that they would like to see take place in our school.

We have also been given special projects to undertake throughout the year.

Each class has an elected school representative, from years 2-6, which makes up our school council team.

It is their responsibility to share their opinions and thoughts with the rest of the council, and feedback any information both to and their class.

Meetings are held twice a month, so if you need or want anything you say to be heard, make sure you speak to your school councillor today!