Mini Vinnies 2023-2024

We are the Mini-Vinnies.

We are junior members of the St. Vincent de Paul Charity

and we take part in charity work in School.

We collect food every month for the Parish Food banks

and we help raise money for Cafod and Caritas.

“Our Motto is See, Think, Do

Our Mini Vinnies Acrostic Poem

M Mini Vinnies where we do nothing alone because it’s so much better together. That’s why we are all treated the same.

In the Mini Vinnies we try our best to follow in Jesus’ footsteps and do as he would.

N Never forget the first Tuesday of every month as one of the Mini Vinnie

responsibilities is going to every class and collecting food for the food bank.

I  Include everyone in our games and try our best to raise as much money as possible.

V Vincent De Paul. In the Mini Vinnies we all try to be mini St Vincent De Pauls, so we don’t always do things for school we do it for Pudsey.

I Ideas come up at to our meeting

N Never give up!

N Never leave anyone out.

I Initiative – we use this around school and act on any needs that we find.

E Everyone at the Mini Vinnies helps to take action to help the poor, needy and suffering; to use our hands and hearts to help them physically and by showing kindness.

S Share what you have with people who have not.

Written by our Mini-Vinnies children