“We want our school to be a  place of worship and peace and remember, we’re always here for you if you feel sad or upset. “

“To Grow IFaith Together is a G.I.F.T “

Our  Achievements As A GIFT Team…

Our job is so important because we are helping to look after the most precious thing in our school- our faith.

We are messengers of God’s love and are trying to promote the Word of God in our school!

We worked very hard last year to help the children in our school to develop their faith.

Here are a list of some of our achievements…

At the start of the year, in September, we sent out invitations to the parishioners to invite them to our ‘Start of a new school year’ mass. They were delighted and the church was full!

  • During the month of October we showed our friends in school how to pray the Rosary and help them to remember the special prayers we say to Mary. We did this during each classes Collective Worship session on a Wednesday morning.

Our GIFT Team 2023-2024

  • TIME WITH GOD TUESDAY’S. This is when we organise and lead art and craft activities where children can make special cards for those people they want to pray for. Each month we focus on a special theme e.g in November we remembered those who had died.
  • During Advent, we helped and led prayers during  our Advent services, assemblies and masses.
  • In November we organised and led a competition for all the children in school. They had to re-design the front cover of the bible.This was all part of the Year of the Word that we learnt about too!
  • We led a mass in church with Father Steven and we have led our own assemblies in front of the whole school – the theme was ‘Looking after our world around us’. We organised children to help us and the resources too!
  • We have showed current, new parents and their families around our school. This was fun!

As a GIFT team,  we have achieved so much. In only a short space of time we have interacted with all parts of our parish and community – from the school pupils and staff to the  parishioners.

Our Work and Plans for 2023/2024…

  • October – lead and celebrate the Rosary with each class
  • November – In November We Remember – lead worship linked to this theme.
  • December – prepare, support and lead Advent assemblies
  • January – Time With God Tuesday’s. Make new year resolutions to God.
  • February: Valentines Day/Love theme in Time With God Tuesday’s. Reaching out to the people we love.
  • March and April – Lenten promises to God. A flannel for the homeless idea to reach out to the less fortunate people.
  • We are going to give help and give advice to the Year 3 children as they prepare for their First Holy Communion in May
  • We will also continue to organise and lead collective worship throughout school, assemblies and masses.

The Month of October…

The Month of November…